V2O – Long Beach Marina

525,000 square feet, capacity 1,550

Driving past an area along the water in Long Beach called Queens Way Bay was the inspiration for V20. The redevelopment area used to be an old amusement park. Michael fell in love with the area because they were going to bring back the feel of the old arcade and waterfront. The building was just a metal-framed structure with dirt floors, but after doing a market study and noting the area’s lack of entertainment and close proximity to the Long Beach Convention Center, Mr. Viscuso felt this would be a perfect venue to host convention, tourist and local events.

Michael poured over a million dollars of concrete alone into the space and created one of the finest venues Long Beach had ever seen. Elements of steel, wood, concrete and rebar created a wonderful nautical feel. Hosting large events and frequent filmings on the site, V2O was the backdrop for the television show Vegas and Usher’s New Year’s music video, to name a few. Top artists performed on the weekends and V2O specialized in promoting national and international disc jockeys. The menu was all fresh seafood and sushi. Convention center event planners loved having such a wonderful venue close by. Conventioneers could just walk over for their special event and stay on to enjoy local nightlife. The venue drew large crowds from nearby universities and co-sponsored notable events such as the annual Long Beach Grand Prix. V2O was the largest nightclub, dining and entertainment venue in LA County at the time,  only to be outdone later by the Kress at 38,000 square feet.


“The Queens Way Bay Project Long Beach, California was the most exciting venue on the water since the Queen Mary.”
– Long Beach Convention Center