Boudoir – San Diego

14,000 square feet, capacity 800MainBar

Early innovator Michael Viscuso was interested in a redevelopment area north of Broadway in downtown San Diego which as yet had been untouched by entrepreneurs. The building was an incredible art deco theater called the Jade Theatre built in the 1930’s. Previous owners had invested in kitchen equipment so Viscuso saw the opportunity to bring the property back to life. For years he had a burlesque concept
in the back of his mind, inspired by these under appreciated historic structures. For this project, Viscuso created envisioned a full-service restaurant with nightly dinner shows, tastefully choreographed, and performed by professional Cirque du Soleil-style entertainers. It was a very cutting edge concept but was well-received in San Diego.

The decor was designed around the theme of a ladies “boudoir” sitting room. Like a scene from the film Moulin Rouge, guests entered a vintage era of Parisian opulence. From the unexpected white faux buffalo head on the wall of the library with its classic tufted wing back chairs, to the animal skin rugs to the rich mahogany wood ceilings contrasting the smooth white marble bar and Eiffel Tower-like steel catwalk; the main floor was both majestic and excitingly dreamlike. The vision continued upstairs to playful areas where guests could gather and further view the entertainment, then to the basement’s high-energy dance floor with theatrical lighting, huge gilded framed mirrors housing fiber optic lights, and stunning black Murano crystal chandeliers completing the experience of another place in time. The very interactive cirque-style entertainment flowed throughout this three level venue, and guests were eager to come back and bring their friends and business associates.