Mike Viscuso photoMichael Viscuso, considered the entertainment guru behind many of the most upscale entertainment venues throughout Southern California in the last few decades, is one of those rare American success stories you more often see in movies. CEO of MV Entertainment, Michael got his start at age 14, working as a dishwasher at his uncle’s restaurant in Massachusetts. From there, he went to work for a group that owned restaurants and nightclubs in Houston and Dallas. Since then he has imagined, designed, opened, and operated ten venues throughout the Los Angeles / San Diego region, often taking historic, underused and under-appreciated spaces and turning them into jewels of their respective cities.

With his extensive experience and passion for untapped potential, one of Mr. Viscuso’s best qualities is his ability to not only creatively see the potential in each unique space, but be able to visualize exactly how each will function at a very high level as a dining and entertainment business. The properties that Michael Viscuso guides into fruition are able to attract and expand their customer base locally, regionally, and often nationally with their superior expertise in corporate, convention and event services. Due to their unique character, many venues have also been used as ideal locations for filming within the television and movie industries.

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